PLEASANT ENGLISH SCHOOL is situated in the spacious and scenic environment of Omassery, to the east of Calicut. It was established in order to offer the young generation education that is wholesome, competent and ethically sound. It provides facilities to students of all social classes and communities so as to develop their career and mould their character. Our students are being given the benefit of different extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
Pleasant English School is an educational Institution poised for providing the best education to the society right from the kindergarten to the senior secondary courses. It is run by the Islamic Welfare Trust Omassery, which provides service to the society through various institutions without profit motive. All their endeavours are undertaken with the generous support of the society.
PLEASANT KINDERGARTEN is an amalgam of Montessori and Froebel’s educational visions and provides a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Different apparatuses are arranged for the intellectual development and sensory educational kits. Continuous comprehensive observation tools also developed and effectively implemented.