The school is open for six days a week, Monday through Saturday. School hours for pupils are from 09.20 a.m. to 03.45 p.m. Students should reach the school before 09.20 a.m. and are expected to leave promptly at 3.45 p.m. They should get written permission from the V.P/Principal to stay back after the school hours.

Saturdays will be holidays for the Montessori Section. Second Saturdays will be holidays for all classes. During the holy month of Ramadan, the school timing will stand altered. Parents will be informed about these changes in advance.

The school Office will be open on all working days between 09.00 am. and 05.00 pm.


A calendar showing the school holidays is given below. The school will inform parents about any alterations in these dates. Attendance of students on National Holidays, Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanthi, is compulsory and absence on these important days will be viewed seriously.

Parents are advised to contact the office to confirm a holiday if it is in the event of any law and order situation, local or otherwise, as the school will not be in a position to declare a holiday in advance.





June 1 (Saturday)                                                             School Reopens/Entry Fest

June 4 - 7                                                                          Idul Fithr Holidays

July 15 – 20                                                                      Periodic Test :1

July 31                                                                              Karkkadaka Vavu – Holiday

August 10 – 13                                                                 Idul Azha Holidays

August 15                                                                         Independence Day – Holiday

August 23                                                                         Sree Krishna Jayanthi

August 28                                                                         Ayyankali Jayanthi – Holiday

September 9                                                                    Muharram – Holiday

September 08 -15                                                            Autumn Break (Onam Holidays)

September 13                                                                  Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi

September 21                                                                  Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi

September 23 – October 4                                               Half Yearly Examination

October 2                                                                         Gandhi Jayanthi

October 7                                                                          Mahanavami - Holiday

October 8                                                                          Vijayadashami – Holiday

October 27                                                                        Deepavali – Holiday

November 9                                                                      Meeladi Shareef – Holiday

December    16 – 21                                                         Periodic Test : 2

December 22 – 29                                                            Winter Break (Christmas Holidays)

January 2                                                                           Mannam Jayanthi – Holiday

January 26                                                                         Republic Day

February 21                                                                       Shivarathri – Holiday

March 18 – 28                                                                   Annual Examination

March 31                                                                           School closes for Summer Vacation



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